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Put makeup

How to put makeup?

If you are a beginner in makeup, you will find it difficult and need the art of painting in order to be able to draw the eyes and coordinate the colors, but in fact it is easy and only need a little patience and try, to reach a beautiful and elaborate makeup. In this article we will teach you how to apply makeup for beginners.

Facial processing.

  • Make your face free of makeup, and remove the old makeup from him using a makeup remover of good quality and suitable for the nature of your skin, or using diluted baby oil, because if you put makeup over the old makeup, your appearance will be unnatural and not beautiful, compared to applying it on a clean and bright face, and remember always make-up that must be removed at the end of the day and should not be growing it.
  • Wash your face with a good, natural cleanser to get rid of the accumulated fat and dirt.Applying makeup on a face full of fat will cause the makeup to change and shine the face soon after applying it.
  • Apply Concealer with a similar color to your skin on pills and their effects, on blackheads, black under the eyes, and any spots and pigments on your face. Apply a suitable layer of Foundation, in a color similar to your skin color and wipe it well, either with your fingertips or with special cotton, so that it blends in with the concealer.
  • Apply a little blush powder.This is done by smiling an exaggerated smile, and applying the powder from the side of the eyes down to the bottom of the cheek diagonally, but do not exaggerate and do not put a bright color.
  • Color your eyebrows, if your eyebrows are light or irregular, using an eyebrow pencil.

Put eye makeup

  • Apply an initial layer of eye shadow to stay as long as possible.
  • Apply eye shadow in the colors you want, but be homogeneous and of the same style, and do not pray to your eyebrows and outside the greatness of the eye, unless you want excessive makeup.
  • If you want a simple make-up, draw a thin line, just above the eyelashes, or if you want a more dramatic make-up or for a special occasion, draw a wider, longer line.
  • Apply mascara to your lashes and let it dry.Apply another layer for longer, thicker lashes.

Lip Drawing

  • Moisturize your lips with a cream or lip balm.To avoid getting wrinkled lips after drawing them with lipstick.
  • Draw the boundaries of your lips with a lip pencil, and a color that is appropriate for the color and style of makeup.
  • Apply a layer of lipstick, in a color similar to the lipstick.
  • Apply a layer of lip gloss, an optional step.