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Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is defined as a set of habits, natures and practices carried out by the human being in order to preserve its smell and public health, where the interest in personal hygiene has many benefits for the human, including the maintenance of human activity, vitality and health, and gain the respect of people away from cynicism, criticism and disgust in the event In this article we will talk about personal hygiene how to pay attention to personal hygiene body cleanliness so they include the cleanliness of different organs and hair, and can be maintained through some of them practices:

  • Bathing on a daily basis, or for all ages, or it is possible to set three times a week for bathing, preferably bath quickly not to exceed five minutes to prevent wastage of water and time.
  • Eliminate underarm hair by plucking it in addition to the hair in the pubic area periodically, using a special machine with the need to sterilize alcohol after each use to kill germs and microbes.
  • Trim nails once every two weeks at least.
  • Use deodorants such as deodorant or natural substances like alum on a daily basis.
  • Reduce weight as much as possible, since excess weight causes an increase in sweat secretion.
  • Attention to the health of eating, where the quality of food that affect human addressed to the smell of sweat.
  • Avoid some types of clothing such as synthetic fibers and carina.
  • Use a special shampoo for hair and make sure to clean and get rid of the accumulated fat in addition to other problems that may affect it, such as lice and nits.
  • Oral hygiene:
  • Daily cleaning of the teeth at least twice a day.
  • Visit the dentist once a year at least.
  • Eat less garlic and onions, especially when you go out of the house.
  • Careful chewing gum sugar-free, knowing that this solution is not suitable for owners of fillings and fittings in the mouth.