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Daily skin care methods

Whatever the type of skin must be taken care of every day, in order to maintain its freshness and vitality, and despite the availability of many products that may make the woman confused to choose the most appropriate among them, but there are basic habits to be followed for daily skin care, and we will learn the most important steps For daily skin care. 

One of the most important methods of skin care:

  • You must clean the skin twice daily, using the product best suited to the type of skin, in addition to the daily cleaning maintains healthy skin, it protects them from skin problems, and cleaning struggling defects that appear on the face, and must take into account the sensitive skin when choosing the right lye to them; as You must use the product gentle on the skin, as well as those who suffer from acne.
  • Remove facial hair, this ensures cleanliness of the face along with his beautiful appearance, and can use many of the means for this purpose, and perhaps the most common use of your wax to remove facial hair.
  • Keep your skin hydrated, especially if it's dry, using a gentle moisturizer to keep your skin soft and bright.
  • Attention to sensitive areas of the face, such as eye contour, and lips where you are these areas for special care. Make-up removal using a special product that maintains the skin's natural balance.
  • Use a sunscreen on a daily basis, even if it is cold, sun damage to the skin at any temperature, and increase the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Do not tamper with acne.It is best not to touch the face in the event of blisters or any problems, as there are oils on the hands that will block the pores in the face.
  • Reduce hot and savory, sour, fried foods, and replace them with rice, oats, and apples, to preserve the skin.
  • Moisturizing lips constantly, and the simplest ways to use water moisturizer and sugar, where the preparation of a solution of sugar and water and then rub their lips, this method removes the dead cells and renew the lips of dead cells and protect them from cracking.
  • Exercise regularly, such as running, yoga, which promotes the circulation of the body. A sport also cleanses the body of toxins by secreting sweat after exertion during the exercise.It is best to use toner before exercise, and exfoliating the skin afterwards.
  • Sleep for at least eight hours each night, as the lack of sleep makes the skin look tired, and can be applied honey twice a mask to three times a day to restore freshness to tired skin, and should not forget about cleaning the skin before going to sleep.
  • Skin peeling once or twice a week, which is indispensable for skin care, and must choose the product maintains the natural pH in the skin, it is perfect to soften the skin.